“The New Mutants”: US critics will not review the film

The New Mutants ”is a production that seems not to finish its confrontations due to various complications in its premiere. Since its indefinite delays, its changes in the production house and, on the margin of its premiere in the United States (in Latin America it opens at the beginning of September), various media assure that they will not make reviews of the film.

Various informational portals in the United States have announced that they will refuse to write criticisms of it since Disney did not offer an alternative to see it, the only way being the regular functions before the arrival of the film to commercial theaters.

Recall that the United States is still the country with the highest number of Covid-19 infections. This has not prevented some entities from allowing the reopening of film complexes. Disney did not organize any special functions for the press that guaranteed safe health measures for its attendees, which Warner Bros. did with “Tenet” last week, which is why its first reviews are already available.

The refusal of the media would begin with “The A.V. Club ”through an editorial by the critic A.A. Dowd in which he explains that the media will not review “The New Mutants” highlighting the scientifically proven risks for which it is not safe to attend a movie theater.

“Last week we published an interview with expert scientists on the dangers of going to the movies now, during a pandemic that is not under our control. They did not soften the words: There is a good chance that you could get sick, ”the statement said.

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