The New Mutants Marvel’s Afternoon Cinema

Considered the thirteenth and final film in the X-Men saga, The New Mutants has encountered a multitude of obstacles along the way. While its original premiere was teased for 2018, it was finally not until 2020 when it has come to see the light. On the other hand, it has been starred by a highly recognized cast, especially by young audiences. They include Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga and Blu Hunt. Under the orders of Josh Boone, it has been in Spanish cinemas since August 26. You can read HERE another of this film made by Cinemagavia.

The vicissitudes that The New Mutants have had to endure, even before its premiere, have been most varied. Finally, after its arrival in theaters, it becomes one of the most anticipated summer releases of 2020. However, so much expectation fades as the film progresses. To begin with, the script feeds back into a circular structure, which becomes repetitive during the first hour of the film. Despite wanting to introduce the characters and give them a biographical window, it is not carried out in a favorable way and neither does one get to know them. Therefore, it is not understood why it takes so long to start up. Luckily, then he gets the story on track, although he does not have enough time to raise the overall result.

In this way, you can see a power in the way of managing what this group of superheroes could become in the future. But for the moment, it has been an irregular presentation, where he basks in the most important details of his main characters, but not in those that would magnify them. On the other hand, the discourse that is used at times borders on an essence closer to adolescence, but without a bit more sarcastic or with a blacker humor. Consequently, it is left in a genre limbo, although it is undeniable that it ends up being quite decent entertainment. Even so, he lacks the charisma to follow the slope of other Marvel superheroes from the same universe, something that causes him to place himself in a lower echelon globally.

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