‘The New Mutants’ leads the box office in Mexico after premiere amid the coronavirus pandemic

‘The New Mutants’, the first major premiere in Mexico after the forced closure and subsequent reactivation of cinemas amid the coronavirus pandemic, remains at the top of the box office in our country after its first opening weekend , snatching the spot from ‘Scooby-Doo’, the Hanna-Barbera studio reinvention of the classic story.

‘The New Mutants’, which ends 20 years of the stories of the X-Men presented on Fox, The New Mutants: When does it hit theaters? is also the first approach of the Marvel characters to horror cinema.

According to information from the National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry, between September 3 and 6, ‘The New Mutants’, distributed by Disney, was made for 11.9 million pesos, after being seen by approximately 180,100 people.

The second place goes to ‘Scooby-Doo’, distributed by Warner Bros., which in the last weekend raised 5.1 million pesos, which, after weeks of exhibition in Mexico, allowed it to reach a cumulative of 21.7 million pesos.

The third place of the highest grossing films of the weekend is for Director of ‘the New Mutants’ wanted a comedian to play a team member ‘La Isla de la Fantasía’ by Sony Pictures, which in recent days managed to raise 2.2 million pesos, which translates into an accumulated 6.7 million pesos in two weeks of exhibition.

Before sharing the complete list, we make a special mention for ‘Inception’ by Christopher Nolan, a re-release with which he seeks to promote the reactivation of the box office in our country, since despite being a 2010 film, his return to the The big screen allowed it to be among the top of the most successful films in Mexico.

Distributed by Warner Bros., ‘Inception’ raised 300,800 pesos, Tickets to see The New Mutants in theaters are now on pre-sale which after two weeks of showing allowed it to reach a cumulative 1.1 million pesos in Mexico.

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