New Mutants: Due to the styles the film addresses, it could make it difficult to join an MCU universe

Although Director Josh Boone originally had plans to do a movie trilogy, the future of New Mutants remains unclear. Even before seeing the movie, many fans have hoped that if New Mutants lives up to the potential of the first trailer, it could become part of the MCU.

The film features a young and talented cast that includes Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga as the X-Men characters, but the New Mutants team doesn’t think they fit the MCU.

After creating a movie that is mostly separate from Fox’s other X-Men films so that it can stand on its own, it’s hard for those involved to envision any of the New Mutants as part of the MCU. The cast and director gave their opinions on the film and its characters.

Charlie Heaton said: “It’s difficult, because I think what Josh says is something that really feels that way in his own world. It’s really hard to see them standing next to (MCU heroes). They just don’t compare. These are children doing the best with what they have ”

Josh Boone opines: “It would be really strange in this movie if Wolverine appeared. They are more or less in their own tonal space, and aesthetic space is its own. Therefore, it would be strange and interesting to see them with other characters. But for me, if the fans love it, we would certainly love to do another one. ”

The reasons why New Mutants wouldn’t work with the MCU are understandable, and at this point, the likelihood of the film joining the shared universe is low.

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios were not involved in the development of New Mutants, and this doesn’t appear to have changed during post-production once Disney bought Fox. We don’t even know how the movie does or does not reference Fox’s X-Men franchise.

Also, New Mutants is looking for a darker horror tone that the MCU hasn’t touched on. New Mutants would also be Marvel’s first step into the horror genre and add more tonal and stylistic differences between the MCU movies and franchises. Although this is not to say that The New Mutants will be part of the MCU at some point.

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