CINEMA Will they be the leaders of the X-Men? ‘The New Mutants’ actress wants to work with Maisie Williams again

After two years of delay, ‘The New Mutants’, the latest film from 20th Century Fox regarding mutants, will finally hit theaters, which has a very interesting cast full of young talents who have been in productions high-level such as ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and the movie ‘Glass’ and in a recent interview stated that Anya Taylor-Joy wants to work with Maisie Williams again.

The film ‘The New Mutants’ was planned for 2018, but after several delays, it was thought that this production would be forgotten, especially after Disney bought Fox, but after a review by the directors and multiple changes it was finally decided to release it for this summer.

During a long interview with actress Anya Taylor-Joy, she talked about this production and how strange it is to see it after three years of being recorded, in addition to the great chemistry she had with the cast, she even stated that Anya Taylor-Joy wants work with Maisie Williams again, considering her an excellent actress

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