CINEMA Will it include an X-Men? Full synopsis of ‘the New Mutants’ released

After the success it had with ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan’, Fox wanted to take the X-Men in another direction with ‘The New Mutants’, but after being bought by Disney, this no longer happened and the film was only delayed several times. Now that it is said to finally be out, the studio has decided to reveal a full synopsis for ‘The New Mutants’.

Despite the fact that it was shot in 2017, the film has taken so long to come out that it was already believed that it would never be released. But despite the delay, and the pandemic, ‘The New Mutants’ will finally hit theaters.

Last weekend, 20th Century Studios (the new name of the studio after the Disney purchase) revealed an exciting trailer and the first minutes of the long-awaited film, which promises to take things in a different direction, being a feature film by superhero-themed horror.

Now, a complete synopsis of ‘The New Mutants’ has also been published, where the connection of one of its protagonists with a member of the X-Men is confirmed.

Although Colossus was not expected to appear in the film, these types of references are always very well received by fans. Also, in an initial script it was planned that both Storm and Charles Xavier appeared in the film, when it was supposed to be set at the same time as ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’. For now, ‘The New Mutants’ is expected to open on August 28 of this year in all theaters.

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